Start Your Better Future Today


Dear Friend,

We all care about our San Leandro community. As a diverse yet tight-knit group, we have the power to come together and fight back against the damage to our environment. We can take steps today to make sure that our children can live the full and healthy lives they deserve.

We are a community of innovators, hard workers, and bright thinkers—it’s time for us to shape the brightest future for our families. San Leandro faces threats from climate change that will affect all of us, so we must focus on being part of the solution.  

The GoGreenSL challenge engages our community in a bit of friendly competition, but we’re all part of the same team! When we cut energy costs, decrease our use of dirty fuels, and invest in local opportunities, everybody benefits.

San Leandro is a place where kindness matters and where we can work together to help build resilience and sustain our city. There’s no better place to start than at home!

Join your neighbors on GoGreenSL and help us build a stronger, healthier community!


Mayor Pauline Cutter
​Vice Mayor Lee Thomas (District 3)
Deborah Cox (District 1)
Ed Hernandez (District 2)
Benny Lee (District 4)
Corina Lopez (District 5)
Pete Ballew (District 6)