Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan 2017

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The City of San Leandro is updating its Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. This Plan will guide, prioritize, and recommend a network of high-quality bicycle and pedestrian facilities to improve mobility, connectivity, public health, physical activity, and recreational opportunities. To view the public draft and leave comments, click here.

The update will support a variety of specific goals:

  • Support the development of a comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian transportation system that links residential neighborhoods with local and regional destinations and transit hubs in order to reduce motor vehicle trips. 
  • Develop, prioritize, and implement improvements that maximize the amount of bicycling and walking trips, given the amount of funding available to San Leandro.
  • Develop a safe and well-connected bicycle system that meets the needs of commute and recreation users of varying skill levels.
  • Create a safe and well-connected pedestrian environment by improving the walkability of all streets in San Leandro through planning, implementing, and maintaining a supportive pedestrian infrastructure that meets the needs of all users.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of walking and bicycling by developing a coordinated public outreach strategy to encourage bicycling and walking.
  • Develop land use policies and development standards that reduce average trip distances and encourage bicycling and walking trips.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018